My quirky views on life, love and parenthood!


What can I say about myself? Well I am enjoying my 30’s! I am married and have three kids. Of course someday’s it feels like 4 lol. I live on the West Coast in the United States.

I’m quirky, and chunky and know how to take a joke! I love to laugh and live life and find humor in the small things!

This blog is a new adventure for me and I am loving it! I get to stand on my soap box and throw all my opinions out there.  So we will see where they land, if anyone agrees or disagrees and what might come of it.

Things that I like cover an eclectic assortment of topics. I found my husband by internet dating and met and married in 4 months! So I love to talk about marriage, relationships, intimacy, communication, sex and so many other things we face as a married couple.

I am a Christian and am involved in my church. So I will share my journey in growing with Christ. The good, the bad, and the ugly of failing as a human. Places and events to get connected with other followers. One of the most important lessons that I am learning is how to be a good example to my kids and how to show them how amazing God is!

As I woman I have had my ups and downs which includes the fact that I have been single, married young, divorced, single and now married. I was single for most of my twenties so I will talk about the benefits and drawbacks that face single women. Just remember enjoy the journey and don’t always focus on the goal of finding a man!

When I got married my husband came with a present! Three children, oh wait…and two ex-wives! I will share with you the struggles of being a part-time parent and how to deal with exes that still are in your life and always will be.

After five years I have definitely had my triumphs and my failures in being a parent. I will share some of the tips that I have had to learn in order to be a better parent, survive, and thrive!

One of my favorite tops in life is FOOD! I love to find new places to eat, try new dishes and experience the best and the worst in the culinary world!

In addition to food I will talk about my struggle with weight and what has worked for me and what hasn’t. I will also share some of my experiences with holistic medicine for those that aren’t always keen on doctors.

I look forward to your comments and suggestions on topics!

The Sorta Funny Lady



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