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My Famous Potato Salad

As summer gets near we are always in need of easy food. So here is my recipe passed down through my family for potato salad. It is a great way to get my kids to eat something cold (the I don’t have to cook) and includes lots of veggies.

Now I will have to admit I don’t tend to do much in the way recipes, if you like something add as much as you like. If you don’t like something reduce the amount or omit it all together.

My potato salad Yum Yum!


8 – 10 Potatoes (any of your favorite kinds will do)

12 Eggs (hard-boiled and peeled)

3 – 5 Radishes

2 – 4 Celery stocks

3 Carrots (thinly chopped)

5 Pickles (keep your pickle juice)

1/2 cup Mustard

1 cup Mayo +

Salt and Pepper to taste

1 tbsp Ground Mustard +

1 tbsp Paprika (Hungarian is the best but any will do)


Peel and boil the potatoes. When they are soft and you can easily stick a fork through them they are done. Then drain the potatoes. Chop the potatoes and put into a large bowl. Chop in bite size pieces and add the following items to the bowl eggs, pickles, carrots, celery, and radishes. Once all items have been added stir until well incorporated.

Next add mayo, mustard, pickle juice (start with 1 tbsp) salt, pepper, and paprika. Mix all ingredients again.

Now here is the most important thing…taste it! Depending on what you prefer add more of any of the ingredients and spices you want more of.  Enjoy!

You can eat it right away but it also tastes even better refrigerated (6 hours or overnight for best results). The salad will last  for 3-4 days refrigerated, stir before serving.

My summer gift to you!


Great clothes for Larger Women

Do you have problems finding clothes that fit? That don’t make you look frumpy or make you pop out in the wrong places. Over the last several years more main stream companies are realizing that everyone is not built the same way. Now, there are other companies which specialize in clothing for larger women.

My Favorites

Fashion Bug

Fashion Bug/LaneBryant This website includes seven different companies all in one. The reason for this is LaneBryant owns all of them. So this is a great place for one stop shopping from young teens to women. There are also bras and lingerie and other great stuff. Now in my case we have a Fashion Bug where I live so I can get the selection of the web and have it sent to the store near me and shipping is free.

OneStopPlus has a great selection and low shipping costs.

Igigi is a great site. Check out the Shapestylist. They have several questions about your body after which they will be able to show you great options which will work best for your body


Based out of Australia


Based in the United States and some have physical stores







Monroe and Main


Asos – look in the Curve section
If you are looking that upscale boutique feel check out the following:


Now I know that these are not all of them. Check out your local stores. I am always interested in finding new places to get great clothes.

Job Search

Many of us have faced loosing a job or having a friend or  family member who has. The problem is once you loose your job how do you get an new one? The process to find work is not the same as it was even 10 years ago. Remember when pounding the payment was the sure fire way to get your name out there and get hired? It’s not the case as much anymore.

Today, we use online searches and lists to look for work. It may be Monster, Careerbuilder, or Indeed, for job searches. Even newspapers are providing information on their website. Unfortunately, with legitamet job postings there are also many scams and start your own business cons out there. So you still have to be careful. In addition to looking at the normal sites you may also want to look at not for profit companies for job opportunities.

Even when you find a job listing and you go through all the work of creating your cover letter and sending it in with your resume many times you never even get a call back. There are so many people looking for work that businesses can be choosy and non-responsive. If you notice that you are not getting call backs maybe it would help to make a few changes. On many sites they offer to review your resume and make it better. If that doesn’t work have you thought about volunteering? I know if sounds strange but it can be a great way to get your foot in the door.

Many types of companies use volunteers including the Red Cross, Fire Departments, Police Departments, and many other organizations.  Before you think about volunteering somewhere identify what you are passionate about. Then start looking for volunteer opportunities that match your passions.

Some of the benefits of volunteering include getting your foot in the door, networking with others, and developing relationships with those in the company or organization.  Volunteering in some organizations may only be a couple times a month. You can work around your schedule and look at speeding up the process of getting hired. Now this process still takes time; but if you are patient and you get in it can change your life! Being a volunteer not only helps the company or organization  and your community but also has an impact on you.

Check out volunteer opportunities in your area and see how it can improve your chances of a paying job in the future.

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