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Improve My Lifestyle

I thought I was doing the smart thing by working to get a desk job. Unfortunately my rear does not agree. Have you ever heard of the secretary spread? Well, I’ve got it and it’s not pretty. My doctor has informed me that I live a sedentary lifestyle. What’s that you might say? Well, there are lots of definitions out there but the main one is that I sit too much and I the things I like to do don’t require much movement.

My “sitting disease” has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, and premature death. So I am working on being more active. Now I’m not talking about running a marathon or scaling a mountain but goals are always a good thing. I am going to start with baby steps and work to build up my stamina.

Here are a few suggestions I am working on that I wanted to share:

Get NEAT (thermogenesis): Things that I can do in my seat at work. 10 minutes an hour this can include stretching, turning, and bending. The idea behind this activities is to raise your core temp and to burn calories.

Take Breaks: We all have obligations and activities that monopolize our time. However, taking a break every hour or so and getting up and moving around can be helpful.  Walking around or stretching for a few minutes can help re-energize the body.

If she can do it I can!

TV Watchers: I still enjoy watching TV but instead of just sitting on the couch I try to add time to stretch, use my stationary bike, do resistance exercises, and alternate with other activities that keep my body moving.

Parking: When I go to a store I park farther away. Ever little bit counts.

Going Up: It may take longer but, if you are able use the stairs rather than the elevator when you are in your doctors offices and other buildings you are doing errands in.

Communication: When at work many tend to use email, voice-mail, im, and so many other forms of communication that are preferred for our busy lives. Unfortunately we lose face to face human interaction and many of us just sit on our butts. So, the next time you need to talk to a colleague take a minute and go and talk to them. You get up, you move your body, and you get the opportunity to interact with someone else. The moments add up and make a difference.

Date Night: My husband and I like to go out for date night; however, most of the time it is going out to eat and then coming home and watching a movie or crashing. So we are working on mixing it up. Finding things that are less about food and more about just spending time together and still being active. Some things to try…go to a museum, a park, take a hike, go for a bike ride, or go dancing,  find activities in the community. Many times there is food but you’re not just sitting. Remember date night is about spending quality time with your partner and having fun.

Vacation: What do you like to do on vacation? Go camping, relax on a beach somewhere, or go to a spa? Well, for my family we enjoy camping to which can be pretty active. Other things we like to do is visit family, or go to the big city to see the sights. With a family fun and education is a big part of the draw for us. Do research ahead of time and you can find a ton of things to do no matter where you are headed. By the time your vacation is over you may need to go home just to rest! Now that’s the sign of a great vacation!

You can Do it!

Swimming: I have always enjoyed swimming but, I have not had a membership anywhere for a while. The house we just moved into has a pool, so for the first time in my life I don’t have to go anywhere to go swimming. The pool has been a lot of work but I have so enjoyed getting to go in whenever I feel like it. It’s not huge but the kids and I have had  lots of fun. It gets me in the sun for some needed vitamin D and the water provides a fun workout. Just playing with the kids can wear me out, my favorite time is doing laps when it is quite and I can hear the wind blow and the bird chirp. Swimming is a great way to get my body moving and it has a much lower impact on my joints. So for chubby girls like myself swimming is much more doable than running is. If you can handle getting into a swimsuit then you can do amazing things! Swimming is great for increasing your stamina and improving your cardiovascular system. Look at your local gyms, and community centers many of them have water aerobics and other water activities you can get involved in. Try it and let me know what you think!

New Habits: No matter where I am I am working on making new habits. This may include getting up early to exercise before I go to work. Even doing household chores is not a bad way to start just to get you moving. Taking breaks at work is focused on moving around and not just grabbing something to eat and drink. Being more active is helping me to set a better example for my kids. When I get home we go for a bike ride. Well, they go for a bike ride and I keep up by going walking. It it another way I am getting out of the house and making strides. Increasing your movement and watching what you eat can make a big impact on your life.

I’m not looking to get skinny I just want to be comfortable in my own body and be healthy!

Plus God willing I am baby bound.


Surviving our Monthly Cycle

Do you ever notice that when it is about that time of the month we change? We start out as the nice, somewhat normal, loving, funny women who are the wives, girlfriends and mothers of those around the world. But as our time approaches each month we turn…. It can be difficult to describe, but imagine a Supervillan, with raging hormones, and can be crying one minute and tear you a new one the next.  We try to hide, we try to down play, but we have to eventually admit we are different from the nice women we try to portray.

We try to play cool! We medicate,meditate, exercise (if we can move) and drown our sorrows in a combination of sweet and salty. Cravings are not our friends during this time and many of us give in (myself included)! So why you are in bed with a heating blanket, and chocolate trying not to give in to the torture churning inside you I will give you a few secrets that I use….

Pain management: If you need medication for your pain use it. It is easier to function if you stay ahead of it than if you wait and try to tough it out. It doesn’t matter if you work outside of the home or if you are a “domestic engineer” we all have lives that go on even when we have pain. For those of you who are on our feet all day and still need the relief of a hot pack there are a few things you can try. Check your local drugstore and health section. There are often times hot packs which you can use and last for 8 to 10 hours.

Exercise: I know that working out is the last thing we want to think about. However, maintaining body movement can reduce your pain and can move along the process. Now I am not talking about trying to over do it. Listen to your body. If you need to take a day off it is ok, just work at exercising the next day.

Stay Hydrated: In general many of us do not drink enough water. We have incorporated caffeinated beverages, soda, and other sugary drinks.  These drinks can actually dehydrate you and make your cycle more uncomfortable. So if you have a beverage in hand try to make it water. Also, when you get in the habit of drinking more water your body will begin to crave it.

Get Sleep: When we are tired our emotions can take a bigger toll on us and we tend to make mountains out of mole hills. So be sure to get enough sleep! Make sure to take steps so that you can get enough rest. This may include going to bed earlier, and turning off the T.V.  You may need to read for a while before you can go to sleep or listen to soothing music to help you fall asleep. For me I have found that I need to wear my CPAP machine and that I am much more rested when I do.  If you are tired and cranky try not to make big decisions. Wait until morning when you head is clearer and you can make a logical decision and not one made solely from emotion.

Cravings: If you have one acknowledge it. But, try to take a small portion and not eat or drink the whole thing. Smaller, snack size portions throughout the day can be helpful. Also, if you want something sweet try dehydrated or fresh fruit to deal with the cravings. If it is a Cinnabon that you are aching for try the mini ones or cut it in quarters so you can have it over the next couple of days.  For some people No is an acceptable solution but not for everyone. Don’t limit yourself to just one thing, check out the types of foods that you like but see how you can make better choices. One way to do this is have a plan and have things prepared when your time comes. It can help when you are in need!

So to our loved ones that deal with us each month I thank you!

But remember the saying…

Lifestyle Changes for the Chubby

Well hello to all my exercise deprived friends. Oh, sorry I am probably just talking about me! Each year around new years I have all these grand plans to exercise and lose weight. I have tried a variety of things but, something always happens…I get busy! I somehow manage to find something else I would rather do! Even housework is better than sitting my chubby buns on top of that small uncomfortable stationary bike seat.  So here it is, the middle of May and life has gotten the best of me once again and I am heavier not lighter than I would like.

Unfortunately I am running out of excuses! My pants are tight, I feel uncomfortable and I know I just look absolutely stunning with my jello jiggler rolls lol. So I am working on a new plan of attack.

Go old school…Watch what I eat and work out 3 to 5 times a week. How hard can it be? Like an elephant trying to dance on a tight rope! So how do I put this into practice? I figure I will start small and go from there. I plan on reducing how often I eat out (Wendy’s and McDonald’s I will miss you!), portion control, and increase exercise.

I know there are lots of diets out there, but I don’t want a quick fix I need to start making better lifestyle choices. Choices that will impact me for the rest of my life. Hopefully that will be a looong time from now!

So why do I need to exercise? Well according to an article by Mayo Clinic there are seven great reasons to regular physical activity. To sum up control weight, preventative care, improve your mood, increase energy, better sleep, and who doesn’t want a better sex life!  I know there are tons of reasons out there so for me I am looking at decreasing my chances of diseases and I am always interested in improving my sex life! Have you found a reason to exercise today?

To help keep me honest I need an accountability partner. I recommend getting your friends and family involved because that can motivate you to do more and stick with it. To increase your chances I would also recommend a free website which you can enter your information into including eating and exercise. Many websites also have mobile apps which are helpful because you can keep them with you are you go about your busy day.

This is a daunting task but I know I need it and hopefully my journey will inspire you to make changes in your own life.

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