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Lifestyle Changes for the Chubby

Well hello to all my exercise deprived friends. Oh, sorry I am probably just talking about me! Each year around new years I have all these grand plans to exercise and lose weight. I have tried a variety of things but, something always happens…I get busy! I somehow manage to find something else I would rather do! Even housework is better than sitting my chubby buns on top of that small uncomfortable stationary bike seat.  So here it is, the middle of May and life has gotten the best of me once again and I am heavier not lighter than I would like.

Unfortunately I am running out of excuses! My pants are tight, I feel uncomfortable and I know I just look absolutely stunning with my jello jiggler rolls lol. So I am working on a new plan of attack.

Go old school…Watch what I eat and work out 3 to 5 times a week. How hard can it be? Like an elephant trying to dance on a tight rope! So how do I put this into practice? I figure I will start small and go from there. I plan on reducing how often I eat out (Wendy’s and McDonald’s I will miss you!), portion control, and increase exercise.

I know there are lots of diets out there, but I don’t want a quick fix I need to start making better lifestyle choices. Choices that will impact me for the rest of my life. Hopefully that will be a looong time from now!

So why do I need to exercise? Well according to an article by Mayo Clinic there are seven great reasons to regular physical activity. To sum up control weight, preventative care, improve your mood, increase energy, better sleep, and who doesn’t want a better sex life!  I know there are tons of reasons out there so for me I am looking at decreasing my chances of diseases and I am always interested in improving my sex life! Have you found a reason to exercise today?

To help keep me honest I need an accountability partner. I recommend getting your friends and family involved because that can motivate you to do more and stick with it. To increase your chances I would also recommend a free website which you can enter your information into including eating and exercise. Many websites also have mobile apps which are helpful because you can keep them with you are you go about your busy day.

This is a daunting task but I know I need it and hopefully my journey will inspire you to make changes in your own life.


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6 thoughts on “Lifestyle Changes for the Chubby

  1. So cool that I came across this! I know what you mean about an accountability partner. I’m doing a health project for a class that requires I keep a journal (which I am TERRIBLE at doing), so I decided to blog it so that my friend can keep me posting! Good luck with your journey!

    • I agree I am also terrible at keeping a journal. I have been thankful for because I put the app on my phone. So no matter where I am I have a better chance of putting things in vs. handwriting something and loosing it or just becoming uninterested. As far as accountability partners I have found several. There are always ladies and some guys at my church that are working on loosing weight. So we swap stories and give each other encouragement. Another good place to find people is at your workplace. A common partner can be a co-worker! I have also enlisted my family including my kids, husband, parents, in-laws and friends! Good luck to you!

  2. Good for you for making the effort by working out and portion control. Fad diets are so dangerous and don’t really teach you a lot. Good luck with your efforts! I will be follow your journey and look forward to lots of good updates!

  3. Weight loss is sooooo hard without planning, accountability and a motivational goal… It is nice to connect with other women with the same issues… all my friends seem to be tiny skinny minnies that live on cake! Thanks for the fab post! B xo

    • I completely agree! It is nice to connect with you to! I agree that many of my thin friends eat more than I do! It’s crazy! But, God made up all different so I figure I better make the best of it.

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